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3D Scanning

The FARO 3D Scanner is the perfect tool for your site scanning needs. It captures the exact geometry of an object or environment in a fraction of the time it takes to measure it manually. With its Autocad integration, you can easily convert the scan data into a usable digital format. The FARO 3D Scanner is fast, accurate and reliable, ensuring that your scans are of the highest quality. 

3D Scanning

Faro 3D scanning technology uses laser beams to capture highly accurate 3D data of objects, people, and environments. This information is then processed and can be used to create digital models, animations, and prototypes. The system is capable of capturing millions of points per second and can be used for applications such as quality control, reverse engineering, and industrial design. With the ability to capture such a large amount of data quickly and accurately, Faro 3D scanning is an increasingly popular technology in various industries.

3D design enables us to visualise the installation during the design stage ensuring:

  • Safe Access & Egress around the installation for operation and maintenance

  • ‘Best fit’ for the plant e.g. - minimise pipe-runs to improve pumping efficiencies

  • Minimising the use of raw materials in fabrication, reducing overall costs

  • Maximises the off-site fabrication, reducing installation time and errors

  • Use of digital files can make collaborating with colleagues more simple

Used in conjuncture with FARO SCENE Software we are able to process the 3D scanner data. With 3D SCENE Software, we are able to create 3D visualizations of real-world objects and environments and export that data in various formats. SCENE also features virtual reality (VR) view, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment.

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